viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

OUT NOW!! 15/01/2016

NR17 - Zvaktkeb / Mauvais / Orkoltré - "Trilogy Of The Mask"3-WAY-SPLIT

3-Way-Split from these three O.T.O Death Musick projects, leaden by the same evil and unknown soul. Coming from the undead kingdom of shame and chaos. Very limited to 10 handnumbered copies with an A5 insert featuring exclusive artwork. First 4 copies comes with black-satin embroidered envelope to keep you safe from the Black Magick coming from this release. Black vinyl style CD-R in DVD case.


NR16 - Empusa - "Demo 1"

First demo from this cosmic demon, Featuring Black Metal influenced Anticosmic Death Musick / Drone / Dark Ambient. Very limited to 10 handnumbered copies in black vinyl style CD-R in slim jewelcase.


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