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REVIEW - KRYPTHALL - Plenilunium Foret (English Version)

KRYPTHALL - Plenilunium Foret

Active since 2007, now and for the first time in Spain comes this project from Mexico, more specifically from the state of San Miguel (originally founded in Veracruz, but has undergone several locations) when one looks at the Mexican national scene can be found true legends like XIBALBA, CHAOSWOLF or ZEPHARNECRON currently Mexico enjoys an underground scene to the delight of all those fans of arcane circles as the legendary French LLN or the Norwegian "Inner Circle", suggesting some "familiar" influence and style that has nothing to envy to the European underground scene, in which, in many cases this is surprisingly even surpassed by that musical aspects and / or aesthetic.

KRYPTHALL meets all these conditions and then some.

Today, Mexico is undergoing a severe crisis of violence and large-scale political ineptitude that sadly affects the population, as one would expect, this creates a unique atmosphere that is reflected faithfully in the art, without going beyond, into the music, KRYPTHALL distills this putrid, raw violence and becomes stale style, full of nuances, passages and a devastating cold and pure atmosphere gloomy and dark.

Thus, we now face "Plenilunium Foret" the first full-length album of this project led by "I" AKA "Azarthael Satanor", originally released in 2011 by the Mexican label Hateful Noise Productions on tape format and limited to 60 handnumbered copies, now re-released under our label, Nekromancer Records on CD-R format and limited to 20 copies, enjoying this time of a unique design and presentation.We are indeed in a highly prized work now in the underground scene, with 9 tracks consisting of a Raw Black Metal only recommended for the toughest soldiers and maniacs of this style, spiced with mysterious introductions and interludes similar to radio interference which undoubtedly end to create a gloomy and weird atmosphere in every way.

Enjoy a purely analog production, without help or intervention of instruments or digital recording devices, providing an essence that is already thought to be lost in the darkest past.

Black Metal, 100% original musically rejects any compromise with the listener, completely unconcerned any details premeditated or pre-arranged, composed and recorded the old way as mandated by the unwritten law of Black Metal in the way of arcane bands as Bathory, Mutiilation, Vlad Tepes or Moonblood.Strongly Recommended.

SCORE: 8/10

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